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Minas Metais Exportadora S.A. is one
of the most important pig iron and
charcoal exporting holding
companies of the world.

The Group exports approximately
500,000 tons of pig iron a year,
from a rated exporting capacity
of 1.5 million tons a year.


Minas Metais is acknowledged internationally
for the grade of its pig iron and the ongoing
efforts designed to improve production

The Group sells diversified, proven quality
products tailored to the needs of our
customers, including steelmaking,
foundry, nodular, and special
nodular pig iron.


In addition to providing for the Group’s self-sustainability
in charcoal – a key factor in the future of the industry –
our planted forests help preserve the environment and
replenish oxygen supplies, while aiding in carbon
sequestration and fixation and yielding a positive
environmental balance.


The steel mills held by the Minas Metais Group see social
responsibility is an integral part of the business. In
addition to complying with labor rules and regulations,
our affiliated companies run social uplift programs
in the communities where they are present.

Steel mills account for over 15,000 direct and indirect
job opportunities in Minas Gerais, and have been
strongly committed and aligned with Federal
Government initiatives devised to eradicate child labor.


The Group exports to the United States, Mexico,
Asia – including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia,
Korea – and the European Union.

A strong tradition in providing proven quality products
and competitive prices has allowed our affiliated
companies to consistently serve customers and
meet their needs in various importing markets.


The solidity and efficiency of the Minas Metais Group is built around nine steel mills:

Minas Metais Exportadora S/A

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